Funtastik follows systematic curriculum to teach art and craft to kids. Kids enjoy Funtastik has a unique way to teach creative art to kids. Our program
grade exam in drawing painting classes in Bangalore At Funtastik kids first start with basics of drawing which includes drawing strokes, joining dots, Kinder kids at Funtastik learn colours, drawing shapes, colouring, drawing animals,drawing birds, drawing vehicles, Sub junior kids at Funtastik learn basics of art subjects like warli art, reflection drawing, freehand designing, senior kids at Funtastik is also called as advanced level. Here kids studying in 8th and 9th, learn painting and Funtastik is registered with the government of India and is the authorised centre to prepare kids for Funtastik is located in Kalyan nagar, Babusapalya, Bangalore. Learning is fun at funtastik.
Funtastik online shopping is open to genral public. In the shop online page, a user can browse numerous
art and craft has become a serious subject for kids nowadys to enhance creativity and develop imagination.
At Funtastik our art subjects are serious but kids learn art in a easy way and enjoy working on craft projects. After attending our unique art program kids score good marks in drawing  exam at school.
At Funtastik during school holidays and summer vacations we organize summer camp and worskhops. We even frequently organize drawing competitons for many occasions. Kids participate in all these competitions with full enthusiam and become more competitive in leading life.
Funtastik believe sketching is the base for any art. Drawing skills can be improved only thru good
Funtastik organizes drawing competition, art competition, craft competition regularly and occasionally